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As you all know, for many people living in India, the pension is the only life after jobs. List of Members Joined in the Scheme (Form GIS – C) DOWNLOAD Application for TR 72 (for Self Drawing Officers) (Form – D) DOWNLOAD Suspension, Deputation, etc. (Form GIS – E) DOWNLOAD Memorandum (Form No. 4.4.3 Snehapoorvam. Special emphasis for the health problems of senior citizens, particularly in the sphere of non-communicable disease; Need to start Day Care Centres for the elderly. Caring for Our Elders: Early Responses, India Ageing Report – 2017 It is a government-backed life insurance scheme in India. Financial help is given to disabled ones –Rupees 35, 000 will be given to the parents or mothers of the disabled … For the same fixed pension levels, the contribution would range between ₹ 291 and ₹ 1,454, if the subscriber joins at the age of 40 years. Target beneficiaries under the scheme –Handicapped and mentally disabled patients in the state. kerala swasraya scheme 2020 application form available to download in PDF format online at, apply for Rs. A Charitable Society Sponsored by Social Justice Department, Government of Kerala. Aswasa Kiranam Scheme envisages assisting the care givers of Physically and Mentally disabled bed-ridden patients, who are family members or relatives of the bedridden patients, as these caregivers are not in a position to take up employment for self sustenance. For example, to get a fixed monthly pension in the range ₹ 1,000 – ₹ 5,000, the subscriber has to make a monthly contribution of ₹ 42 – ₹ 210, if he joins at the age of 18 years. 2000/- is given to bedridden endosulfan victims and Rs. 3.5.2 Atal Pension Yojana. Need help with scheme details ?Call us : 1800 120 1001 . In 2009, the CDS conducted a survey to collect the profile of all old-age homes in Kerala. 37 Micro-Pension Initiative: UTI-Retirement Beneft Pension Fund The Micro-Pension scheme offered by SEWA in partnership with UTI is a pioneering initiative in India. Wadihuda Payangadi (P.O) Kannur, Kerala India, Pin 670303 mail: Phone : 0497 2877469 0497 2877469 0497 2870485 Scientists have for the first time sequenced the genome of a frog and in the process made an interesting discovery; some of its genetic makeup is similar to humans. 59. HEADQUATER 6 ..Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana – 2015 May 9 – Narendra Modi. The scheme helps all women below 55 years of age to save as little as Rs 50 a month in a pension account. Under this scheme, financial assistance of Rs. All other endosulfan victims are given Rs. Central Vista project cost rises to Rs. Social Welfare Schemes And Measures In Kerala Pdf Download >> DOWNLOAD Aswasakiranam. The Directorate of Social Justice under the Department is the nodal agency for implementing the social welfare … 1000 Town Center, Suite 2450, Southfield, Michigan 48075 PH: (248) 945-3511 Life Certificate Form 1-Applicant full name: (Arabic):ﺓﺮﻬﺸﻟﺍ :ﻂﺳﻭﻷﺍ ﻢﺳﻻﺍ :ﻢﺳﻻﺍ (English) First: Middle: Last: one number:2-Ph (Form GIS – E) DOWNLOAD Memorandum (Form No. 300/- as disability pension. 59. Enhance the size and scope of the pension scheme for the senior citizens in the State. This is apart from the pension given to the patient. 2) for Change in Group DOWNLOAD: Application for Payment Form No.3 … 47. ~~~m~,1995 EMPLOYEES' PENSION SCHEME, 1995 ~ W'fTUT-q?f~ ~rH~cIl!5Of mqJfW'fTUTq?f LIFECERTIFICATE AND NON-REMARRIAGE CERTIFICATE ~/lnstructions : 1. Social Justice Department working with the concept of welfare state is underpinning socio-economic development plans of Kerala Government.The department is working hard for the upliftment of marginalised groups and to provide justice to the victimised. 1700/- to such bedridden endosulfan victims who are getting Rs. Citizens who are already reaping the benefits of this pension will be pension certificate authorities (PDA), which every year you will have to submit a certificate named Life Certificate. 10 posts published by goodnessapple during April 2010. 2) for Change in Group DOWNLOAD: Application for Payment Form No.3 … ... 4.4.2 Aswasakiranam. TR 61 Fully Vouched Contingent Bill DOWNLOAD: Leave Application Form ( Form 13) DOWNLOAD SPARK Enrolment Form ( Form No.15) DOWNLOAD Police Verification Form(New) DOWNLOAD Letter of authority (T.R.103) DOWNLOAD Option Form for Time Bound Higher Grade Promotion DOWNLOAD: TA Bill of Gazetted Officers (TR-47 New) DOWNLOAD … ~ mqJfwrur q?f ~ ~ 1N?r 1l X1lfr m11T

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