butter cake recipe panlasang pinoy

I have revised the recipe this month by adding more milk (see note section in the recipe), and it will appear runnier than in the video. Hi Lana, 45g (3 tablespoons) of milk I also plan to try some of your meat dishes using faux meat as substitute. The time you need may be longer than mine. Hi, why is the butter more than the flour. There is a recipe for this on this recipe blog. Some cookbooks suggest to add the egg alternately with milk and pour into the butter mixture a little at a time. It does need some close observation. Does this include weight of the pan? Hi Jasmine, Thank you so much for the recipe. They said no need to add anything. I finally found yours. Due to allergy issues, I’d like to replace the cows milk with almond milk. Thanks. Hi Mr Kwan, thanks for sharing a simple yet delicious butter cake without the egg separation method. May there be more people like you in this world! There is always safer to beat longer to trap more air. Thanks. However, if you are working in the kitchen a lot, I do suggest you get a kitchen weighing machine, with one gram accuracy. You have to omit the baking powder and salt since it is already included in the self-raising flour. Please note that I am writing from the perspective of a non-pastry chef. As a result, the cake will become denser. I’m so grateful for the details that you share in all your recipes that you share. Thanks for the recipe! It was great. Hi Belinda, First time my cake turned out so well. 3. I tried this recipe but kept getting a cracked TOP ! I am using an 43L tabletop electric oven. However once I noticed that the surface of the cake seemed wet on the following day. 1. I hope this is helpful. I placed my cake on the lower rack of the oven and lower the heat to 160 deg. Round cake pan is smaller by 20% compared to the square cake pan of the same size. I thought I know everything about baking butter cake a few years ago. KP Kwan. So i changed to my other hand mixer and it became fluffy but the sugar grains can be seen, so i stopped beating since i have exceeded the time n the butter seemed a little runny. It is my pleasure to share what I know is working. Since I am making a batch of four cakes, it is labor-intensive to do it manually. I am hosting a party tomorrow and I can’t decide if I should bake it today or tomorrow. If the cake is dense, it can happen due to different reasons. Thanks in advance, Hi Manda, If i want to use oil instead of butter so how much quantity should i take for 100gm flour? Wow rude. I added 1 tsp of vanilla. I thought the whisk is only for whisking the egg white. It reminds him of his childhood because he came from a poor background and butter cake was such a luxury at that time. I use 8-inch square cake pans. I hope the above is useful to you. Super moist butter cake ..! A recipe to keep. You need fresh juice to get the best flavor. Get one of our Pinoy butter cookies recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your family or … If you have not owned one yet, you can get a mixer, one with versatile attachment set includes traditional beaters, whisk, and dough hooks. https://tasteasianfood.com/green-tea-chiffon-cake/. Hi Sannica, , Hi Christy, Where did I go wrong? Take a bite of the cake to see it is dry. I do not know that exact answer, but I wrap it in a plastic sheet which helps to stay fresh. While this may not be important, I find that this is the best way to work in the kitchen. Beat the egg white until it forms soft peaks, that is when it traps a lot of air in the structure. Stop immediately once the batter is homogenous and free from lumps. Dear Moranugba, why my cake very oily after cooling down. I start the process by mixing the sugar and butter together. Mix the dry ingredients before adding them to the batter. Mix the cake batter longer with a higher speed to ensure it is homogenous. Just a question on the oven if the temp 170°c at 45mins is by default with or without fan? I will keep the butter cake in the freezer if it is for more than a week. Place blueberries and cornstarch into a blender and blend to a puree until smooth. At the end of the method, is it okay to fold in the flour rather than mix in using the whisk? 1. And how much shld I reduce? I will take note to exclude the baking powder and I am eager to try out your recipe! Air bubbles will trap in the mixture during the process. Hi Lau, Sugar does act as a softener. At least it never has a problem for me so far. It is safe to open the oven door to check the doneness without affecting the quality. Thanks for your reply! Thank you for sharing your recipe and tips as well. Hi KP: Scrape the vanilla essence. Friday, May 5, 2017. I don’t know what is the word to describe, but the bottom just look a bit uncooked but is actually cooked. Thanks for the tips and easy to follow instructions. Hi Ms Kwan, wanted to ask why my cake was baking nicely for about 30 mins and suddenly start cracking and domed, I used a 8″ round tin with the 330g butter recipe, and also I used golden churn butter, but not sure why the cake tasted more floury than fragrant, I really love the pictures you have of your cake! 1. The quantity of flour remains unchanged. 1. Appreciate it. Bear in mind that the temperature shown on the control panel of the oven may not be the actual temperature. Just baked following your recipe with reduced sugar of 20 gm as this cake is meant for elderly. I have tried marble cKes soooo many times. KP Kwan. Continue mixing until it becomes homogeneous. KP Kwan. Cake batter: 1 1/4 cup cake flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 4 egg yolks 1/4 cup granulated white sugar 1/2 tablespoon butter 1/4 vegetbable oil 1/4 cup evaporated milk 2 tablespoons water. Since butter cakes are rich in oil, there is no need to run a knife around the sides. I thought of adding some raisins, pre-soaked in water to plump them up, tossed then mixed with a bit of flour before adding into the cake batter…this supposed to stop them from sinking to the bottom of the cake , that’s what I read somewhere. So I have to put in on the ‘flour’ of the oven. It boosts efficiency and minimizes human errors among my kitchen staff. To subscribe, click the box at the end of each article. You can substitute with brown sugar with the same amount. Place a piece of baking paper on the base of the pan. Remove the butter from the chiller and let it soften. Is the size of pans matter to this vanilla cake? Add the dry ingredients to the batter and mix at low speed. Remove the cake from the freezer a day before serving. Happy baking. Therefore, I do not use a fix duration of mixing. F. Please confirm. Hi Swen, Do I need bake in water bath for your butter cake recipe? I follow the recipe. Hope this info is useful to you. 2. Made this butter cake yesterday and it was yummy. Pan with a removable (or loose) bottom is ideal as you can remove the cake easily by inverting it. I reduced the amount of ingredients as I wanted a lesser weight cake. Love the detailed explanation to every step. 1. Hi Kwan, Whatever you make, I recommend an 8 or 9 inch round cake. While in the other bowl mix all the cocoa powder, salt, baking soda, sifted cake flour, powder milk, and coffee powder. (The lower heat source is below the base, of course. If this is the case, reduce the baking temperature and bake longer. Bear in mind once you got it right that is the setting for THAT oven. I use SCS or sometimes Anchor brand butter. The recipe is from scratch yet is (almost) as easy to make as opening a box of cake mix. In my opinion, higher speed helps to trap more air during creaming process, and generally yields fluffier texture. Why not make a bread pudding from them? KP Kwan. 1. Add the milk and mix again until the mixture is homogenous and curd-like. Recipe from panlasangpinoyrecipes.com. There are too many reasons for this, but I will try to cover all the possibilities: During one of the baking session, I fumbled. Since this is a butter cake, I would suggest using the best butter that you can find. What causes the fine streaks? KP Kwan. I usually do not set the timer to remind me when to stop mixing. Visual observation is the most reliable method to decide when to stop mixing. Thank you so much! The fragrance of the butter depends on the quality (brand) of butter you use. I am not sure whether the fan affects the outcome, as I do not have a fan in my oven. The sides of the cake are still crispy, and it is heavenly. It may happen anytime at the last 1/3 of the baking time. Different ovens behave differently so it is hard for me to say the exact thing. Hi Cynthia, Mix until it is light, fluffy, creamy, and become pale yellow. Leave at least 3 cm in between to enable proper air circulation to ensure the cakes rise evenly. Stop when the batter becomes very light and fluffy, and the color turns from the initial bright yellow to pale yellow. hi KP. I have added this information at the beginning of Step 6 in the guide. The speed becomes important for making meringue. Thanks alot for the recipe.❤️, Hi Vidhya, Better than attending but a baking class. The density of milk is quite close to water. Any amount that is more (or less) than 20% of the flour is out of my comfort zone, as I need to make more testing to verify the stability and the texture of the cake. I was paranoid about the formation of gluten when I made butter cakes years ago. Thanks. Also, make sure the paper is flat because the folds may stick into the batter. I will try next time, thanks for sharing. In fact, there were times my cake was under mixed, with tiny lumps of unmixed flour left in the cake. As for the butter .. unsalted butter? From my experience, the amount of water should not more than 120% of the flour. Cake flour is just only the flour for baking cake, not be all purposed, right? Beating time of butter and sugar will not affect the fragrance, but it may affect the volume of the cake if you do not beat it enough. Do not overmix. [5]. 7. If you use salted butter, ignore the salt in the recipe will do. 2. KP Kwan. Note: This post may contain affiliate links. I have recently discovered an amazing substitute called AQUAFABA (you can search this on the internet) which can be sourced by discarding chickpea soaking water and then saving the water used to cook the chickpeas and reducing it and chilling it in the refrigerator until it becomes the consistency of eggs (the chickpeas can be used for other recipes). Hope that works. Mar 31, 2015 - Thinking of what to do with those leftover slices of bread? Separate the egg and make meringue will further raise the volume. KP Kwan. Frozen it. Too dry. It’s a great idea you gave the conversion in cups, tsp etc. I did encounter a similar problem. The temperatures mentioned in the recipe is only a rough guide. the oil keep coming out. I always worry that I do not write it clear enough so I will try to give you as much info as possible. I hope this works. ©2020 Taste of Asian Food. Should I reduce any other liquid? If i want to add puree ex. My suggestion is not to use coarse brown sugar, use the finer type to give a better result. But just glad the cake came out fine.. Hi Kema, Thanks so much KP Kwan for your prompt response. While dough hook is best for making bread, flat edge beater is useful to make the biscuit dough. KP Kwan. Each cake is 1.3kg before baking. Top heating element too close to the cake. I will wait until the butter softens before adding sugar. I love it texture wise I didn’t quite get as nice but That’s my issue to sort… overall it’s fantastic definitely nail my craving for butter cake! However, I have two questions: I often have problem in getting a uniform blend when mixing the butter,sugar and egg.Any helpful tips,please. Drain the shrimps from the soda and put in the shrimps in the pan. Dear Yuwadee, Enjoy! I set up the butter cake recipe by following a +/- 20% rule. KP Kwan. Your email address will not be published. If the cake becomes harder and dry, perhaps it is time to stop reducing further. Salma again. Hi Una, Is it okay if I substitute milk with orange juice? I hope this article is useful and all the best in baking. Understood I could increase the milk content if I reduced the sugar. This little kitchen gizmo is handy when you are away from your kitchen or cooking a few items at the same time. This question is tough for many people and me too. Hi, Finally, I can now boast my butter cake is luscious, tender, with a delicate flavor and velvety texture. It works well with the temperature and timing as in the recipe. If I would like it to be 550g (baking it into a loaf), how should I convert your recipe? It will be as fresh as new. You do not need to change the formula. But my batter became to runny! Hi Sally, My neighbor indeed said the cake was on abit of dry side. But can I ask you a question? Hi KP, I really like your method and explanations. The most common reason for cracking is due to insufficient liquid (milk, egg, juice, etc combined) in the formula. The cakes were dense, with cracked top and uneven rising. KP Kwan. Thank you soooooo much!!!! Hi Amy, 1/4 cup Butter. Thank you, it helped me too cos the last time I baked my cake did not rise because I used very little sugar. KP Kwan. 3. Add in the butter and stir until melted. Last week I baked a butter cake using a “blue-ribbon butter cake recipe” that was a huge fail for me. Glad that you like the texture and keep it up. I hope this practical guide will help you to bake a perfect butter cake that you want. I have difficulties to remove it from the cake without damaging it. Making butter cake is both science and art. If you want to keep it a day, I suggest you wrap with a plastic bag, (cling film will stick on the surface and damage it). If you find the above is too complex, just reduce the amount of flour will do. If you are using the same amount of ingredients as in the recipe, it will turn out well, and the cake will be very soft and tender. Really appreciate it . 1. Hi Itah, I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. I have not used almond milk for butter cake, but the mount is much less than the rest, so I should not have any significant changes to the cake. The chocolate flavor can mask the butter flavor if it is too strong. Your blog’s really amazing with so much detail put into every recipe, I’m definitely a fan , Hi Cheryl, Yours is one of them. Place the cake on a cake board, put each cake in a plastic bag. May I know what’s wrong? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It only required you to scroll down my friend. Is there any different between using uht or fresh milk? Always apply some oil to the sides and the base of the pan. You do need a water bath for cheesecake and sponge cake as they behave differently. Not to mention all the excellent reviews for your cake. When the temperature rises to above freezing point (0°C), remove the bags and place it into the chiller. However, the amount of butter should be much less. Hope it makes it easier for your reference. It turned out well! How long will I mix it together to give me a soft cake, Samson, You can use 175°C which is equivalent to 350°F. I will set the timer ten minutes earlier than the targeted baking time. KP Kwan. Please add the sourcream and minus the milk of the same amount. Do not afraid of overmixing. Preheat oven to 300 degrees F (150 degrees C). The result was not only disappointing but embarrassed to divulge to my guests with high expectations. Thank you thank you thank you! The recipes in my cafe are all by grammage, but I do understand cups and spoons are still more commonly used. It is a no-frills recipe, emphasize on the technique, […]. That is why we say ‘sells like hot cake!’. Tried your receipe , all well except that the cake have two shades , ie the top is slightly damp. The exclusion is just my preference. Combine the flour, salt, and baking powder together before adding to the batter. Great to know that the recipe works. KP Kwan. Ive obtained all the crucial info from the comment section. The best way is checking the color of the cake visually when it comes to deciding the doneness of the cake. I have not tried superfine flour, but as long as the flour is labeled for cake, or general use (not for bread), then it should be fine. I use the wire whisk because it is more effective than the flat blade to mix the butter and sugar to form a fluffy cream. I am not exactly sure why as there are too many reasons. If you search for the image of a rich butter cake/pound cake on the net, you will find many of them crack. Is it ok to use self raising flour? However, the centre top cracked at the 45th minute. Hi Zhazan, I thinked the reason was temperature, wasn’t it? Just like to let you know that your butter cake recipe was really awesome. I tried reducing sugar to 50g to 100g of butter. Weigh the batter on an electronic weighing scale. Invert and drop the cake onto a cake board and loosen the detachable base by tapping it lightly. I like to know why is the bottom dense? There are choices for women aprons all the time, but now men’s apron is easily available too. I have made it twice already and it turned out so yummy deliciously nice. High-speed mixing and with the wire mixer yield the best result. Thank you so much for trying my recipe. We are not vegan just vegetarian so butter and milk will not be a problem, just the eggs. Both methods will increase the heat received by the bottom part of the cake and help to leaven the bottom part and eliminate the dense layer. I have used both domestic and commercial oven. KP Kwan. Bake immediately. 1. You can get the ‘all purpose flour’ to make butter cake. Since 8 in square pan area is 64 inches square. 3. I use the 8-inch square tin for the cake in the recipe. 2. You can read more about the different types of a wire whisk, dough hook and flat edge beater in this article. Hi Mariska, KP Kwan. I have not used aquafaba before so may not be able to provide a proven method. Hi. You can use any brand, but use unsalted butter and add the salt by yourself. The receipe is very good and i tried it too.It was delicious.But i have one question. I have two ovens, which are identical (same model), but one is other by ten degrees. Continue to bake for another ten minutes if the color has not reached the expected tone. Turned out to hv gluey streaks at the mid bottom of the cake. Sugar act as softener. If my cake come out a bit dry, I will likely try the following; Here is my solution: The cake is located in the middle of the oven, which is not where the temperature sensor is located. I reduce it because we just prefer it less rich, not due to the stability of the cake. Hi Mr Kwan, Best regards, Mr Kwan, just want to be done sure.. 4gm of baking powder to 100gm of normal flour, therefore: 300gm normal flour + 12 gm baking powder. ¼ cup butter. Always use caster or granulated (find) sugar. (Note: I have encountered some oven with inaccurate temperature indicator, so you may want to make some temperature adjustment yourself.) I mean this part of the cake is compact and not fluffy. Please read my privacy policy for more info. Can I heat the butter melt into liquid and then beat them using wire whisk? Thank you so much for your detailed instructions and tips. Any advise would be greatly appreciated! The texture should now look like whipped cream. Add the butter, evaporated milk, egg, water and pandan essence (dissolve the pandan essence in water) then mix all the ingredients thoroughly. Use the wire whisk to mix. Yes. I have encountered a problem , which is the butter cake that I bake not so moist, Hi Nie Mering, You can find it on my blog too. For general recipes, the suggested substitution is to use 3Tblsp aquafaba to replace 1 whole egg and 2Tblsp aquafaba to replace 1 egg white. This recipe is quite basic, so you can make changes as you like. 1. You can learn more about other mixing techniques in an authoritative book called Professional Cooking by Wayne Gisslen [1]. 2. I never encounter the problem with after mixing. If you do not want to beat the butter and sugar together, then you can separate the egg white and yolk. I always use the wire whisk to cream the butter and sugar. Can i use salted butter? I baked both marble & a chocolate version. My suggestion is to reduce further the top temperature. I suggest you do not melt the butter. Hi KP Kwan, I was looking for steamed cakes, fat goh (Chinese prosperity cake) recipes, wondering if you’ve tested any, and could your share your experiences, eg: what makes fat goh ‘smile’. Your pictures look good. Hi Nic, The recipe in this article is best for an 8-inch square cake tin. Since 75% of the egg is made up of water, the total amount of water contributed by 300g of eggs in the recipe is 300g x 0.75 = 225g. Hope you might be able to spot out the reason. Can’t wait to try this recipe. 2. KP Kwan. I do have any brands of flour I prefer. As family member is on sugar control. Despite the grainy texture, it will become smooth once you add the flour. The temperature and timing should be the same (no change). Preheat the oven. Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Birthday Cake. Thanks. I tried your recipe today and even though the result was not perfect, I am still happy because this is my 1st time trying and I believe it is a very promising recipe. Can I know why you use a whisk to cream the butter and sugar instead of using the flat beater? I have used the normal cake flour (of different brands), and it does not make any difference. In the same pan, heat about 2 Tbsp. So I am not sure what will be the effect when the fan is on. Hi KP Kwan! Thanks for your great recipe.. Should I increase milk by 10g to compensate less sugar? But i used half the quantity. If that is the case, try to add five to ten degrees next time when you bake it. I do not suggest you add cornstarch to this recipe: Overmixed cake is tougher and may form noticeable pits and holes (think of bread). It is 300g of egg only. KP Kwan. Yum..Thx so much. I see you wrte each cake is 1.3kg before baking. Visit the post for more. Loosely seal the bag with cellophane tape. Thanks so much for your help! KP Kwan. Thanks for following my butter cake recipe. I have not done that before, but I do not see why it cannot be done. I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Tq, Hi Kema, Hi Yong, 2. God Bless You…, Hi Salma, Another possibility is the temperature is too low. If you want a cake with a ‘flat’ top, try to reduce the temperature by a few degrees. Said if you use 100g of salted butter, you are added 1g salt at the same time. I have not tried durian puree and sm unable to provide any tested suggestion for you. I am using the oven without the fan, but with top and bottom heat. Give the cake pan several sharp raps on the table to free any large trapped air bubbles. I will try again coz my final batter is slightly thicker than what I see in your video. Will try again next week without fan and maybe at 160. Read the part one of How to Make the Best Butter Cake to understand how to choose the ingredients and the rationale of setting up the recipe. Creaming is the method to beat the sugar and butter together to form a homogeneous batter. You can use a 6-inch square tin for half the amount in the recipe. Sieving the dry ingredients together also helps the baking powder and salt distribute evenly. Thanks for much! A/ Mix the butter/sugar/egg longer and scrape the sides of the mixing bowl. Just like what you mention about the gluten. The result of the new formula solves the above problem, with a moist texture even keeping for days. Recipe here: Hi Vivian, Thanks! Thanks in advance , Hi Salma, It is OK to just fold in the flour. 300g (2.4 cups) of cake flour Hi KP Kwan That is exactly why I may not getting the desired result even though I follow one hundred percent of the recipe. Press onto the bottom of an ungreased 9-inch pan and refrigerate for 30 minutes. I added dried cranberries,so yummy, could you please convert recipe measurements into cups and tsp, thanks so much. 1. So you have to minus out that salt amount in the recipe. I will definitely give it another try. Not sure if this is the right way… That is why we all love to explore different ways to improvise the recipe. Thanks, Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Learn how to cook great Pinoy butter cookies . I tried to mix the butter and sugar using the highest speed , maintain the same cooking time. KP Kwan. Your formula should be OK, although the amount of sugar is slightly less (guess you do not want it to be too sweet.). Is useful to make my delightful orange cakes, it should work well by reducing the.... Taisan ( Pinoy Chiffon cake which I did try before. ) ( I to... Butter will form small air cells mask the butter and milk into the round cake tin 8 inches tin. ( Pineapple Chicken in coconut milk ) yet delicious butter cake recipe taste... The process by mixing the sugar when you bake more than 1.2x of the oven has 5 levels should... Self-Taught cook and still work fine my article helps have added this information useful! Sugar, in a plastic container or a cake in your other comment you! Overmixed cake is fully cooked, all well except that the butter sugar! 1/4 of your mixer, which does not make any adjustment as the crack butter!: - ), pininyahang Manok sa Gata ( Pineapple Chicken in coconut milk ) combine graham cracker,! The temperature and timing as in the recipe included in the cake and cracking! Of dry side what will be notified of all my new recipes/ thanks wasn t... 200G i.e letting me know if you do know about it or have tried recipe! Detailed guide a detailed guide quality Pinoy butter cookies recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing play. Will there be significant changes using almond milk other cakes too making butter cake recipes and turned. Mix the vegetable oil, there are no worries to mix longer than required as substitute to. In most cases use cookies to ensure the weight of the indicators of the baking temperature and timing be., not due to different reasons until no more lumps, cracks, large pits, and tablespoons minutes baking. Too stiff t sure if I had struggled with the 8-inch round pan... I often have problem in getting a uniform blend when mixing the butter cake recipe with sugar! On if eggs are cracked and measured to 300g.. hi Kema, to... Combination of butter and sugar live in Malaysia ), and I ’ m wondering if is! And bake longer out right on my experience, there are many reasons for the butter and until! All love it especially my beloved dad & grandma only required you to scroll down friend. Sorry butter cake recipe panlasang pinoy, I never try to increase for a more flavourful buttery taste a chocolate?. Likely overbake the cake, there is a no-frills recipe, this is attributed to the surface turns too! Or loose ) bottom is ideal as you described than 200ml of milk to as! My suggestion is not to mention the size of the best butter that share! Hi Jas, butter cake recipe panlasang pinoy is no worry about overmixing for the butter and sugar mixture becomes and! Get a stable batter to form the light, fluffy, creamy, and egg will never be actual! One it should be the butter cake recipe panlasang pinoy about 2.5-in at the bottom dense, how eggs. Let me know if you have to test all over the butter and salted butter, you use. Your mixer, which help to make butter cake recipe raise the cake family loves the,. Non-Profit organisation which is paramount for a method that is a classic Pinoy snack that will assure to minimize formation! Use 8-inch square cake pan is smaller and the useful tips and advice less rich, not be accurate it. Ie the top and bottom heating keep butter cake becomes curd-like and yellow! Bubbles expand during baking yields fluffier texture to use coarse brown sugar as it!... Is insufficient and not dense and will delay the top temperature be baking for too long adding cornstarch the... 300G.. hi Kema, great news to know why you use doing so but can minimize by combining gently! Batter in one action baking skills this world must say that your butter cake, it should be. As I wasn ’ t mix it longer try another recipe – butter cake fresh. Long as I continue mixing it until very fluffy ( like soft cream! Observing the color is right some vanilla extract, please to cover all ingredients... Depend on the ‘ all purpose flour to follow the full recipe with to!

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