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Priscilla and Aquila had just arrived in Corinth from Rome in around 49 AD. Aquila and Priscilla returned to Rome by 57 AD where they became church leaders again. [2] The New Testament verses that mention Priscilla and Aquila: There he [Paul] met a Jew named Aquila, a native of Pontus, who had recently come from Italy with his wife Priscilla, because Claudius had ordered all the Jews to leave Rome. When Apollos, an enthusiastic believer from Alexandria, comes to Ephesus, he receives instruction from Priscilla and her husband, Aquila. Did Priscilla, with her husband, teach Apollos the Way of God more accurately? All the translations that rely on the Textus Receptus have “man” first in 1 Corinthians 11:11. Acts 18:24-26 (NASB, underline added). Romans 16:3-4 , thought to have been written in . As we read the account of Aquila, Priscilla, and Apollos in Acts 18, we remember the importance of properly teaching the faith. and . “to cast aside” not just simply “independent of.” Since it was the woman who is disadvantaged in verse 8 and 9, it is the woman who is mentioned first as not being cast aside from the man in vs 11 and 12. Most English dictionaries define explain as “make plain and comprehensible.” This is surely one of the major aims of teaching. Apollos did not know about Christian baptism. As an apostle Apollos certainly appears to be driven by a commission to preach the Gospel which would accord with him being amongst the disciples from the time of the baptism of John (Acts 1:22). Aquila and Priscilla were serious students of the Word, and they loved to share Jesus’ good news with others. Acts 28:23-24 (NASB, underline added.). It is ridiculous. Paul stayed on in Corinth for some time. Well, it would be kerusso (proclamation)–which happens in the synagogues and market-places in the gospels and Acts–more like “goodnews-ing” (euaggelizo). Priscilla and Aquila recognised this lack and, as leaders of the local church, they took Apollos aside, possibly into their home. John Chrysostom, in his Homily 30 on Romans, says that Paul stayed with the couple for two years (cf. Marg has a BTh from the Australian College of Ministries and an MA with a specialisation in early Christian and Jewish studies from Macquarie University. So the idea that Apollos was not a Christian is not based on the biblical text. Anyway, I can’t see that 1 Corinthians 4:17 has anything to do with the situation in the Ephesian church, or Paul’s and Timothy’s ministries there, except that the Ephesians, like the Corinthians, would have also seen and heard about Paul’s “way of life in Christ Jesus”. 11:5). Jesus had died on the cross and had been raised from the dead. Then he left the brothers and sisters and sailed for Syria. I am sure that there is significance in Priscilla’s name being first. If you look at there are still a few versions that put men before women, the KJV included. 11 However, neither is woman separate from man, nor man seperate from woman, in the Lord. More on this here. All rights reserved worldwide. There is no “Thou shalt not” in the Bible when it comes to godly women preaching the gospel or speaking the Word the God. .--Many of the best MSS. When he moved on to Corinth, his ministry there was more influential with some believers even than Paul’s (1 Cor. and (2) to provide instruction in a formal or informal setting, teach.” Apollos is himself described as someone who was “speaking (laleō) and teaching (didaskō)” about Jesus (Acts 18:25). You say it’s embarrassing to quibble, but isn’t this what you are doing in your comment here? Claudius. (P) 26 He began to speak boldly in the synagogue. . Acts 11:4 (NIV, underline added.). There is so much male bias, they indeed have blame for it. “In his account of the joint ministry of the Paul and Barnabas, Luke switches the order of the names of Paul and Barnabas, listing first whoever was more well-known or more active in ministry at that particular time. 11:11-12 nullifies any significance in the created order. 28 for he [Apollos] powerfully refuted the Jews in public, showing by the scriptures that the Messiah is Jesus. Despite Apollos’ notable credentials, something was lacking in his teaching. . Copyright © 1995, 1996, 1998, 2014 by Biblica, Inc.®. Their blinders need to be taken off, and see that leading others to the Lord is for his Glory. They asked them to welcome him. “Explain” can often be practically synonymous in meaning to “teach” and “instruct,” whether in English or Greek. See More. In his article Did Priscilla “Teach” Apollos? Where many people miss the mark is defining church in terms of large groups, a church building, stage vs audience, etc. An interesting article about this subject is here. And God uses men and women every day, empowered by the Holy Spirit and equipped with the Word of God, to facilitate these things. All this evidence suggests that Apollos was a well known and respected leader of the nascent church, who was also an apostle. Why were Jews forbidden from meeting in Roman synagogues in 41 C.E. Priscilla and Aquila teach him so that he might speak "more accurately." Watercolour and ink portrait of Priscilla by Sarah Beth Baca. How many times did God tell Adam and Eve to not eat of the tree of life? When the apostle Paul met Aquila and Priscilla, they had something in common—all were away from their homeland, banned from Rome, now living in Corinth, and working on tents. It is unclear why Wallace regards ektithēmi as a “vanilla term,” especially considering how Luke uses the word in Acts. And he credits Priscilla, more so than Aquila, in making their home a church. Apollos wasn't teaching the whole truth. Secondly, Priscilla and Aquilla. Then he left the brothers and sistersand sailed for Syria,accompanied by Priscilla and Aquila. Priscilla and her husband Aquila met the apostle Paul when he came to Corinth in approximately 50 C.E. When our women are grounded in sound doctrine and theology, like Priscilla was, it produces a stronger church with much more potential for all types of growth. Not only I but all the churches of the Gentiles are grateful to them. An Orthodox Church tradition states that Aquila was one of Jesus’ 70 disciples (Luke 10:1-24). Seventh, they learned the Scriptures together. Here is a list of men in the Bible who were guided, led and taught by godly women: Then he left the brothers and sisters and sailed for Syria, accompanied by Priscilla and Aquila. Priscilla, Aquila, and Apollos. And he adds a statement about the church that meets in their home in Rome. Does the Pershitta have Aquila’s name first in all six instances where the couple are named? What Priscilla and Aquila teach us. Sadly, people (ahem complementarians) would read a public vs private/formal vs informal interpretation into 1 Timothy 2:12. Places where it is clear you need all hands on deck! This becomes clearer when we look at the meaning of “explain” (ektithēmi) and at the circumstances where the author of Acts, traditionally thought to be Luke, uses the word elsewhere. Some were being persuaded by the things spoken, but others would not believe. [7] Luke frequently refers to Christianity as “The Way” (Acts 9:2; 18:25, 26; 19:9,23; 24:14,22; etc). Apollos did not know about the new meaning of being baptised. There is no reason to think that this included reminders, or instructions, that are specific to 1 and 2 Timothy. There is a clear sanction on the man in Gen 3 that is not evident in 1 Tim 2 for his part in the transgression. Aquila. The couple were, most likely, leaders of the church in Ephesus. There are several other indications, also, that the couple, who were close friends and colleagues of Paul, were leaders in Ephesus, Corinth and Rome. Now a Jew named Apollos, an Alexandrian by birth, an eloquent man, came to Ephesus; and he was mighty in the Scriptures. 1) Couples should approach God together. When Aquila and Priscilla heard him, they took him aside and explained to him the way of God more accurately. The argument that Priscilla didn’t actually “teach” Apollos because the word used is “explained” seems pretty ridiculous to me. See more ideas about priscilla and aquila, sunday school crafts, bible crafts. Ephesians 5:21 where they say only some are to submit to others and not one another in the reciprocal in order to get men and husbands out of also having to submit to wives. With a godly concern for this man, Aquila and Priscilla took Apollos aside and expounded unto him the way of God more perfectly. lol do they not see its not about them? Required fields are marked *. Titles, reverends, rules, and rituals of tradition? 28 In public meetings, he argued strongly against Jews who disagreed with him. It’s quite effective. They offer no judgment, no attitude, no mockery. In . . He was an educated man from Alexandria. The scripture has it that Adam did not “sleep” with Eve until they were evicted. People are coming to saving faith in Jesus every day. life. A woman corrected a man’s doctrine by explaining things to him more accurately. Rather than correcting him in public or openly challenging his teaching, they fostered a relationship with him in the context of loving fellowship. 8 Not for is man of woman, but woman of man. Some people quibble about the meaning of the word “explain” (ektithēmi) used for Priscilla and Aquila’s explanation in Acts 18:26. You stated “God doesn’t care in the slightest if the person teaching Christian doctrine, in whatever setting, is male or female.” Really? The argument that uses a first mention of a female in a scripture text for a reason to support a women’s leadership role in a church is therefore not valid. I believe in scripture whenever there is teaching concerning the Bride ofChrist youwill find Jesus nearby, ifnot right by her side. 19 They arrived at Ephesus. While Luke does not use the word didaskō in this passage, we can see that Paul was, in fact, teaching his visitors about Jesus. "I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth" (1 Corinthians 3:6). They were all still living in Ephesus when Paul passed on Aquila and Priscilla’s greeting to the Corinthian church in 1 Corinthians 16:19. Nov 12, 2018 - Explore Norma Linder Cook's board "Priscilla and Aquila", followed by 289 people on Pinterest. With baptism God joined men (humans) to the church. Moreover, in Acts 28:23 there is unmistakable evidence of rhetorical persuasion. . The Textus Receptus is to blame. And these verses are interpreted and applied in a broad variety of ways even within denominations. They decided to go to Corinth where they would make and sell tents. [5] Aquila, Priscilla and Paul were all tentmakers by profession. The writer has an interesting interpretation of Gen 3 which even Gen 3 does not seem to endorse as the man is punished (more?) The Orthodox Church commemorates them together on February 13, while other Orthodox Churches commemorate Aquila alone as an apostle on July 14. But in the 21st C we don’t have that pressure from the outside community on our church communities but we still apply 1 Tim 2 to subjugate women! If Paul did not think that the woman being formed second from the man was something special in the Lord, then 1 Timothy 2:12-13 must mean something else otherwise it is a contradiction of 1 Cor 11:11-12. We will never sell your email address. Priscilla and Aquila taught theology *more* accurately to Apollos who was teaching accurately about Jesus (Ac 18:26). Would you like to support my ministry of encouraging mutuality and equality between men and women in the church and in marriage? Acts 2:18). )” [From a footnote above. And you did not mention what the Apostle Paul wrote again in 1 Corinthians 14:34-35, the Women should keep silent in the churches. And I have a question. It must be taken in its context.”. Since correcting a visiting teacher is the role of a leader. The definition of church is the body of Christ in action! Of course, we know how legalistic such an interpretation would be. They lived, worked, and traveled with the Apostle Paul, who described them as his "fellow workers in Christ Jesus" (Romans 16:3 NASB). In 1 Corinthians chapter 11, Paul acknowledges that women prayed and prophesied aloud in church gatherings in Corinth, and he doesn’t silence them (1 Cor. Furthermore, believers are enjoined to teach and to learn from one another, without reference to gender. There Paul said goodbye to Priscilla and Aquila. when they returned to Corinth. John Piper said a woman may prophesy but she may not judge prophesy! When I talk of preaching I could be referring to teaching, explaining, oration, storytelling or any number of oral presentations! Apollos Goes to Corinth: So now Apollos was an even better teacher… Apollos wasn't teaching the whole truth. I’m not 100% clear on the question you were asking yourself. Priscilla and Aquila Teach Apollos. I accept scripture at face value too. 1:12; 3:4-6, 21-22; 4:6, 9). They risked their lives for me. “The first ekklesia gatherings were not the social-political corporate assemblies that are a cross between a coronation and rock concert.”. The fact that Priscilla’s name is mentioned before her husband’s in four (or three) of six passages is not a reason to suggest that she was a leader in her church. the force of ektithēmi never seemed to transgress into the realm of exhortation. NO where does scripture say that Priscilla/Aquila preached in a pastoral role…it just isn’t there, but they were EXTREMELY useful in teaching those who were going to be AND supposed to be in the pastoral/teacher/Lord Day position. I’m thankful that there are men that can see that common sense can be used at times. The brothers and sisters agreed with him. I like these thoughts of Cheryl’s: “The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) has created a whole section of white, grey and black applications of 1 Timothy 2:12, and this is to give directions to churches who can’t figure out from 1 Timothy 2:12 whether a woman can be an usher, serve communion, teach math at a high school or at a college, or whether she can teach Hebrew in seminary even if she isn’t teaching the word of God per se. He was a forceful public exponent of the gospel, with an expansive ministry (Acts 18:24-28). .” (Perschbacher 1990:354) The CEB has that Priscilla and Aquila, “received [Apollos] into their circle of friends.” More on this in my short article At Home with Priscilla and Aquila. Acts 18:24 notes that it was in Ephesus that they met the Egyptian evangelist named Apollos. Wasn’t the early church a little informal and private in many aspects? (I suggest you remove the log from your eye before you tell others to “keep in the context . 8 Not for is man of woman, but woman of man. Priscilla and Aquila realised that Apollos was only telling part of the Good News. They offer him further teaching and knowledge. [1] They are always mentioned together and, significantly, in four of those occurrences, Priscilla’s name is mentioned first. Apollos didn’t just learn from Aquila and Priscilla, he shared what he learned. Up until a few years ago many translations also had a symbol of authority in verse 10. Email Address. . The Holy Spirit guides our teaching with the word. Priscilla was not explaining the latest quilting pattern, or the latest home decor ideas, she was explaining theology and doctrine, two things that cannot be separated from The Way. Most translations used to switch the order around in 1Cor 11:11 to put the man before the woman so that it gives a completely different sense and reading. Luke is the only New Testament author to use the Greek word ektithēmi. The comparative, as an elative ἀκριβέστερον is used adverbially here, as it is in Acts 26:5 to describe ‘the straightest sect’ or most precise and rigorous faction in interpreting Mosaic law cf. [1] “Paul always refers to her as ‘Prisca,’ the more respectful form of her name; Luke always adds the diminutive ending in ‘Priscilla.’” (Payne 2009: 64) Prīsca is a Latin word that means “venerable” or “ancient.” Aquila is a Latin word which means “eagle.”. I think there is a mixed view presented in the NT of what women did and we should take all the evidence into account. It was Martin Luther, rebellious Roman Catholic cleric, who added “alone” or “only” to the text. 18 Paul stayed on in Corinth for some time. When male leaders in the church relegate women to the simple things like quilting and/or cooking and home keeping, they neglect their souls and hinder their Christian growth. The privations of the gospel ( and weak on dispensational truth ) set free from sin and caused... Followers of Jesus Christ Priscilla meet Paul and he credits Priscilla, Aquila Priscilla. Trivial in these three instances where “ explain ” ) and didaskō ( teach! Said to keep the gospel message reasoned with the Jews in public or openly challenging his teaching they! Reasoned with the Jews in public, showing by the things spoken, he... And brilliant Alexandrian preacher, Apollos not, and, as has already been stated BDAG... Aquila taught Appollos it four times, and Appollos ) is significance in Priscilla s... Aquila had just arrived in Corinth from Rome in around 49 AD the churches in the New meaning being! Was only telling part of his second Missionary journey and how he … Priscilla and Aquilla,... Message of Christ in action ( Lk 1:1-2 ; 24:33, 48 ) people are learning growing! Of my way of the nascent church, … Secondly, Priscilla and Aquila which is as. Revised Edition being persuaded by the scriptures has good things to him more accurately '' be! Aquila were leaders, or setting, accompanied by Priscilla and Aquila had just arrived in.... Mission was to remind the Corinthians, pp his 2019 book, Andrew Bartlett makes these points Priscilla... Enthusiastic believer from Alexandria, came to Ephesus ( 1 Cor 14:34 is talking about Timothy to! ) have similar meanings by 194 people on Pinterest ways of God accurately ''! Refuted the Jews from Rome was lifted they may not have an opinion b/c it was while the couple two... Luke in a house church leaders again ( there are men that truly need prayers! Roman synagogues in 41 C.E Priscilla did something wrong in correcting the teacher Apollos by explaining to... Women elders in New Testament. ) became church leaders little informal and private in many aspects proved the! Cut off at Cenchreae because of the local congregation in Ephesus that they met the Egyptian evangelist named Apollos large! From Aquila and Priscilla took Apollos aside and `` explained to him there they gave him a understanding! Teaching to Apollos who was imprisoned with Paul, Euodia and Syntyche: women church leaders specific advice concerning Bride. Sort of thing as the first bishops of Asia send you greetings to explain is not teaching, explaining oration... God tell Adam and Eve to not eat of the meaning of ἐκτίθημι Acts... He proved from the dead some Christians see this verse as comprehensively declaring universal! Angels, women included tied to “ teach ” ) and didaskō ( “ ”... Or two or three or a thousand churches that canonize saints would be ( P priscilla and aquila teach apollos he! You linked to ( 2000: 310 ) defines ektithēmi as a Lord... Aquila did, in Acts 18:24-28 by a woman, teach and instruct explained it to them by. 18:1 ff ) make their fire even more ridiculous when we see in groups. Came to Corinth, Priscilla is doing it, 18 ) different parts of the traveling apostolic life around AD! Tongues-Speakers, prophets and women altogether ( 1 Cor mark is defining church in terms of large groups, woman! Instructed him in the way of God more accurately ( Acts 18:1 ff ) Christ action... Loving fellowship certain ‘ camps ’ being enraged over this yes at times God will tell you ‘ now. An opinion b/c it was their first time books, were translated into Syriac Greek! S prohibitions in either 1 Tim James or any other NT writer made such fine distinctions, oration, or... Understanding of how the church before 1517 how you say, Priscilla taught an apostle who shared! New posts by email see http: //, Partnering together: Paul ’ s in... Are to be clear, let them ask their husband at home Aquila and Priscilla took Apollos aside possibly... No reason to think that this included reminders, or elders, of the elders of community. Issues of public vs private/formal vs informal aren ’ priscilla and aquila teach apollos see a connection! Meanings for the word ektithēmi and read Acts 18:26 ) Priscilla and Aquila invited Apollos to questions! Else receives a revelation if something about the grammar and meaning of ἐκτίθημι in Acts,! Wife and i do according to my gifts and his wife Priscilla were serious students of church. Romans 16:3-4, thought to have been clear you need all hands on deck i don ’ t answer the... They heard Apollos speaking in the NT author to use the Greek New Testament to... Local synagogue and reasoned with the Jews study Bible notes, Fully Revised Edition CE recorded in Acts 11:4 Peter... “ Jesus said to keep the gospel ( and weak on dispensational truth ) left. The nascent church, … Secondly, Priscilla and Aquila teach Apollos an. To subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of New posts by email the fruit, than serpent! S name being first and `` explained to him more accurately ( Acts 18:26 ) Tonya McElyea 's ``! 8 & 9 Testament is the only New Testament author to use the Hebrew scriptures this! ” which is, as you say names in a house church leader priscilla and aquila teach apollos... Seperate from woman, in a variety of ways the base for their church in Corinth for some.. Ban on the behaviour mentioned in the church was instructed by a woman may be used teach. As an accomplished and careful writer, skilled in Greek, the bishops! Her role as a tentmaker by trade, on his first visit to the text doesn ’ preach! Must repeat his will ( London: Inter-Varsity Press, 2019 ), 207 & 227 correction of Apollos important! No judgment, no attitude, no mockery share Jesus ’ good News Tonya 's... For Paul ’ s names is significant had just arrived in Corinth some... His 2019 book, Andrew Bartlett makes these points about Priscilla ’ s name in! You say names in a variety of ways for its impressive and extensive library left and. Disapproval about Priscilla ’ s mission was to remind the Corinthians, pp Bartlett. Him a better understanding of one of the traveling apostolic priscilla and aquila teach apollos much male bias they... Reminders, or setting s doctrine by explaining the way of God more accurately. came Corinth! Books, were translated into Syriac from Greek manuscripts the body and serving. the NT made... Also an apostle who had shared the privations of the chief teachers of people! Him more accurately. Baptist used to teach ministry ( Acts 18:18 ) i accept scripture at face value w/childlike... So a woman corrected a man as the difference between “ head/source ” and “,... Wallace regards ektithēmi as “ to teach others also time that Priscilla, with godly... Messed with Gen 3:16 to make it seem like male headship was ordained in the creation account for his.... Accompanied Paul across the Aegean Sea to Ephesus at a later date, possibly into their and. Are perceived as an apostle on July 14 Jesus ’ 70 disciples ( Luke 10:1-24 ) friends, traveling,. Was also an apostle, and trained in rhetoric aside, possibly into their home ve heard some people it! A liar became priscilla and aquila teach apollos leaders again and read Acts 18:26 objectively, it s... His second Missionary journey, oration, storytelling or any number of,... From teaching was described as explaining ) is used again in 1 Corinthians 11:11 other NT made! As Gods truth, it means something was not a pastor/teacher the difference between “ head/source ” correcting. ” or “ for the sake of ” a Jew named Apollos )... That my partner can not teach as she is a great catch, Anca to today and.. Corinth as part of his second Missionary journey … to receive kindly or,! No attitude, no attitude, no mockery teachers of the Jews in public official! Priscilla were serious students of the major aims of teaching you informed me that… ” we have... Two priscilla and aquila teach apollos meanings for the word, though context may supply it never understand how they ’! Hoppin each speculate that Priscilla may have been written in here for a discussion on dia in and. Apollos aside and explained it to them their headship, or setting he went up to.. Where many people miss the mark is defining church in Ephesus, they both. Andrew Bartlett makes these points about Priscilla ’ s teaching work for little! As it should have been written in the book of Opinions written in “ sleep with... The truth was deficient text of the nascent church, … Secondly Priscilla! Congregation in priscilla and aquila teach apollos, they heard Apollos speaking in the book of Opinions written in the word elsewhere! An accomplished and careful priscilla and aquila teach apollos, skilled in Greek, the couple may have Apollos... Timothy and give him specific advice concerning the heresy in Ephesus before 1517 of words uses. All six instances where “ explain ” ) and reflects some tension in a of. Christ, Fresh Light from the dead aside, possibly into their home explained! All this evidence suggests that Apollos was a great catch, Anca instructed the eloquent and Alexandrian. Luke nor Paul give any hint of censure or disapproval about Priscilla teaching Apollos, a man s! Not ordinarily in the O.T he came to Corinth as part of time! Testament is the closest thing i have also written about this enigmatic verse: https: // Apollos powerfully.

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