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Source (adapted): http://www.fte.org/teacher-resources/lesson-plans/edsulessons/lesson-1-opportunity-cost/, /* footer mailchimp */ Tom just completed high school and is trying to determine whether to go to university for two years or directly to work. c. If you alre... Louis Vuitton decides to invest $80,000,000 into a shoe factory in Milan from its money market account. Suppose that The Salt River Project (SRP) has a acquired a large amount of land on the outskirts of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area and is deciding between: i) constructing a large-scale solar farm... Ms. Garcia decides to work five hours the night before her economics exam. The opportunity cost of a choice is the value of the best, foregone opportunity. a. In the country of Zana, a unit of labor can produce 4 units of good X or 2 units of good Y; in the country of Bren, a unit of labor can produce 2 units of good X or 1 unit of good Y. It takes the US 50 units of labor to produce one ton of sugar and 200 units of labor to produce one crane. 0deh B. gfeh C. dcf D. bed E. bed + 0deh. It takes Betty 4 hours to bake a cake and 2 hours to knit a sweater. The total cost of the movie to the consulta... Four Guys Company has in its inventory 5,000 damaged televisions that cost $50,000. The table below describes the number of cars and TVs a worker can produce (MPL) in the US and Mexico. What is the opportunity cost of taking an exam? If this nation devotes all its resources and technology to produce good A, the maximum it can produce is 30 units in a... What are opportunity costs, and some examples in every day life? She can clear a clogged drain in 6 minutes, about 10 time... Suzane owns antique furniture that she bought for $12,000 ten years ago. What is the opportunity cost to Lindvallland of increasing the production of factories from 175 to 225? b. the financial cost of the road. Suppose farmers have land that is suitable for growing both wheat and soybeans. b. She... Amanda likes to eat apples and bananas with her lunch between classes. Discuss the ways in which the following conditions might affect the opportunity cost of going to a movie tonight. Imagine that you are considering the purchase of a car from a dealership in your hometown, but you are not willing to pay the asking price. Opportunity cost is just one of many considerations to make when choosing investments or making other business decisions. Suppose Janet is currently using Combination C, producing two cars per day. Get help with your Opportunity cost homework. According to the table below Reid and Bob were to trade tacos and hot dogs, what is the range of possible prices (i.e prices acceptable to both locations) for a hot dog? Introduce the concept of opportunity cost to students by developing the following example in a large-group, interactive discussion. A firm has the current liabilities and equity financing on its balance sheet. Each acre can support 20 apple trees. d. inferior goods. © copyright 2003-2021 Study.com. The table shows a farm's production possibilities. The wages he could have earned.... Mallory has a 10-month-old baby. Discuss how to make decisions, based on opportunity cost. ... Find answers to questions asked by student like you. 250 houses C. 50 houses. Arcade Fire is performing on the same night and is your next-best alternative activity. 1 bread. John , who lives in a country with relatively low interest rates, goes to t... During the winter break, Sam decides to go for a skiing vacation in Aspen instead of taking piano lessons. a. d. varies inv... Devaughn and Grace can produce forks and spoons according to the following schedule: If Grace makes 39 forks, how many spoons does she make? SC (Teacher), “Very helpful and concise.” b) the cost of a government educational loan program. According to the table, the opportunity cost of 1 unit of cheese in Spain is ____ a. What is opportunity cost? She has 8 hours a day to produce toys. Shonda, who lives in Manhattan decides to go to a Broadway show (which is within a walking distance from her apartment).

#mc_embed_signup select { Business activity combines the factors of production to produce goods and services to satisfy our needs and wants.So a business activity takes inputs (factors of productions), processes it and gives an output. The price of the admission pass, b. FYI- To hire someone to shov... What is an example of how the Principle of Opportunity Cost applies to your life? Your uncle is thinking about opening a hardware store. Waterways have fixed costs of $0.20 per unit that cannot... A student has only a few hours to prepare for two different exams tomorrow morning. The Canadian government is considering whether to spend $200 million on new hospitals or $200 million on new fighter jets. becomes worthless)! The amount of income that would result from alternative use of cash is called: a. differential income b. sunk cost C. differential revenue d. opportunity cost. } In moving production allocations from points B to D on the Production Possibilities Frontier, the opportunity cost of production at Point C is {Blank} unit(s) of {Blank} goods. Which of the following is correct concerning opportunity cost: a) Except to the extent that you pay more for them, opportunity costs should not include the cost of things you would have purchased a... Paula has the following information to evaluate long dash her current salary of $55,000 versus total revenues of $120,000 and expenses of $75,000 from starting a new business. What is the opportunity cost of his decision? Explain why or why not. color:#000!important; The average price of gasoline in Julian's neighborhood is $3.53. South Korea can produce 2 cars or 5 computers in one hour. Kalea quits her job, which pays $40,000 a year, to enroll in a two-year graduate program. } The material costs that go into producing another shoe in that factory b. The saying that "You cannot have your cake and eat it too" illustrates the economic concept of A. physical capital. color: #000!important; (... You will knit for 8 hours today. Does every decision come with an opportunity cost? Ecuador can produce 50 thousand pounds of shrimp or 10 thousand bushels of wheat in a year. Then, ask for volunteers to share their answers. Parking will be $20 and to attend the concert, Karl will have to miss 5 hours of work at $6 per hour. To play hockey, youd have to give up baseball, to play baseball youd have to give up hockey. From the below options, what constitutes the largest opportunity cost? economic depreciation IV. They spend their time either fishing or collecting coconuts. Share team examples with large group. A. If … Discuss what the opportunity cost of attending college is for you, noting that the concepts of opportunity costs and explicit monetary costs are not the same. He estimates that it would cost Rs.5,000,000 per year to rent the location and buy the stock. Which of the following are part of a firm's opportunity costs? The T-bill rate is 6%, and the market risk premium is 9%. Which of the following statements is false about the concept of opportunity cost? Provide an example. Each acre can support 20 apple trees. When society forgoes the opportunity of getting the next best thing, that sacrifice is a. utility. Your job is to compute Suzane's cost of owning the furniture for the next year. This worksheet takes students through a step by step process to calculate this cost. b. the cost of clothing and transportation. d. the price of a high-risk bond. *a. In other words, how many cakes does Derek "give up" when he produces... An opportunity cost is: a. the cost incurred to gain the opportunity to make a sale. Also, assume the U.S. is considering to spend additional money hiring new teachers as $10 billion could purcha... Are "intermediate goods" included in the calculation of GDP? Absolute Advantage. The benefit foregone of the best alternative - which is sacrificed when making a decision. What is Japan’s opportunity cost of making cars? Use the table to fill in the columns below and calculate Crusoe's opportunity cost of a pound of berries as he spends more time picking be... Russell spends an hour studying instead of playing tennis. Ask them to generate some generalisations about cost. Opportunity cost is defined as the A. value of the best alternative not chosen. c. downward-sloping demand. The implicit rental rate is the A. amount paid for the use of a piece of capital equipment owned by someone else. Another way to look at it is that the benefit of making a choice becomes the opportunity cost of not making the choice. Here are three things you could do: a. The opportunity cost of attending college for a year is measured by a. the benefit received by the student. Are there other reasons for specializing in something besides being good at it or enjoying it? In deciding how to spend the money, he narrows his options down to four choices: Option A, Option B, Option C, and Option D. Each option costs $100. You will need to calculate the opportunity cost for a particular path. The appropriate opportunity cost of capital is the return that investors give up on alternative investments that possess the [{Blank}] (same, different) level of risk. If the international terms of trade settle at a level that is between each country's opportunity cost, a. only one country gains from trade. The cost of going to college is a major expense for many of us. It will increase the indire... A heart surgeon is skillful at unplugging arteries and rerouting the flow of blood, and these skills also make her a very skillful plumber. If alternative investments are available that yield a 12% return,... Paul currently earns a salary of $1,540 per week as an economics instructor. A. In a month, Carlos can produce a maximum of either 30 bushels of pears or 15 bushels of apples, or any linear combination in between. Which of the following will definitely not represent the opportunity cost of Jack studying the next two hours for his first economics exam scheduled for tomorrow? Suppose you decide to sleep longer. The unit cost to manufacture 1 unit of KJ37 is presented below. a). Use the table below to answer questions:. Have students develop a list with two columns. It takes Althea 20 minutes to make a batch of cookies. A. b. the value of the best foregone opportunity. Should Peyton Manning mow his own lawn? This is a 3-page test, quiz, or study guide for an economics unit. A. Suppose that Lo and Manuel can either run errands or wash dishes. A. What circumstance(s) might change the benefits and/or costs of that situation? Opportunity cost is what you give up (the benefits of the next best alternative) when you make a choice. Assume that the rental cost of ski equipment is $120 and the lift ticket costs $66. D. explicit costs but not implicit costs. She also keeps a close eye on her spending each week since she is in college and cannot afford the time to work too much. Allow students to share their responses with the large group. Choices made by individuals, firms, or government officials often have long-run unintended consequences that can partially or entirely offset the initial effects of their decisions. The evaluation of choices and opportunity costs is subjective; such evaluations differ across individuals and societies. She has the option of doing laundry, studying for a test, or watching television. The US and Mexico both have 40 workers. If the economy is curr... Daniel decides to spend an hour playing basketball rather than working at $6 per hour. 1. If Shawn can produce donuts at a lower opportunity cost than Sue, then: a. Shawn has a comparative advantage in the production of donuts, b. Harvey owns both a hardware business and the building that he uses to run the firm. 1. Who has the absolute advantage in making chocolate? For every car, it must give up 3/5 of a computer. The opportunity cost of working rather than going to school is a. the cost of food and housing. The opport... You are the manager of a medium-sized farm with 100 acres of workable land. color: #000; If Jason goes skiing, he would wear the ski jacket he purchased last year... What is the opportunity cost going from point A to point B? Suppose you have to give up a job that pays you $40,000 a year to attend business school. Suppose you run a lawn-cutting business and use solar-powered equipment that you could sell tomorrow for $5,000. A. }

Opportunity Cost Assume that you would engage in all of the following activities. In creating your response, consider the fol... Is the cost of a permit to park your car on a campus parking lot a part of your opportunity cost to attend the school, if you would not have to pay for parking otherwise? Which of the following statements about opportunity cost is true? You pay the college for your room and board. What benefits do you give up? In one day, Tommy can produce 4 term papers for 12 study guides. a. tuition at a state university. Suppose Canada can produce 1,500 tons of wheat or 500 tons of steel, and Brazil can produce 1,000 tons of wheat or 1,500 tons of steel. Zappa, a mechanic, left his $25,000-a-year job at Joe's Garage to start his own body shop. why? Using the same amount of resources, the United States and Canada can both produce lumberjack shirts and lumberjack boots as shown in the table below. Create an account to browse all assets today, Biological and Biomedical 2. True or false? Have students select roles in their groups. D. explicit cost minus the implicit cost. Choices involve trading off the expected value of one opportunity against the expected value of its best alternative. b. price (or monetary costs) of the activity. d. opportunity knock... Because of scarcity - insufficient resources - we must always make trade-off choices that have an opportunity cost. Many years ago prof. Willen was on a committee discussing ways to recruit students to his University. A consultant works for $200 per hour. The unemployment rate in the United States typically has been lower than the unemployment rates in Canada and countries in Western Europe because _____. According to the table, the opportunity cost of 1 unit of bread in England is ___ a. In Bolt each worker... With respect to water procurement, men actually have a higher opportunity cost as they fetch most of the water in regions where water availability is low. Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree. Students should pick one item in each of the three columns to complete. a. law of increasing relative cost b. law of positive economics c. law of demand d. production possi... You graduate from the University in 3 months. d. revenues minus accounting cost of zero. O She/he has the lowest Opportunity Cost of carrying on that activity. e) None of the above. Consider two points on the production possibilities curve: point A, at which there are 50 oranges and 100 apricots, and point B at which there are 51 oranges and 98 apricots. Which of the following statements exemplifies a principle of individual decisionmaking? add. a. The opportunity cost to him of studying is: a) The improvement in his grades from studying for the hour, b) The improvement in... Ramona decides to spend two hours taking a nap rather than attending her classes. OPPORTUNITY COST LESSON: Opportunity Cost Lesson What is economics lesson. The tickets have no resale value. Scarcity:  Productive resources are limited. The present value of $1,000 received at the end of year 1, $1,200 received at the end of year 2, and $1,300 received at the end of year 3, assuming an opportunity cost of 7 percent, is [{Blank}]. His neighbor Diana tells him that he can "save a lot" by frequenting a gas station 20 miles outside the neighborhood where the pric... Give some real-life examples of opportunity cost. Which of the following best describes an opportunity cost? Suppose Janet is currently using Combination D, producing one car per day. State true or false and justify your answer: Trade-offs are another way of talking about opportunity costs. The movie Saving Private Ryan is about a military mission to find and recover a particular soldier - Private Ryan. $4... Had cable TV prices stayed low, would satellite TV service have spread as fast? 3. The ticket normally sells for $90, but you cannot sell yours. Opportunity cost is the potential loss owed to a missed opportunity, often because somebody chooses A over B, the possible benefit from B is foregone in favor of A. b. the price of the ticket plus the cost of any soda and popcorn you buy at the theater. Your opportunity cost of a gallon of milk is a. one dozen eggs. Watch a Video. Opportunity cost lesson plans and worksheets from thousands of teacher-reviewed resources to help you inspire students learning. a. Then consider what else you could be doing with your time or money if you decided not to engage in those activities. Her opportunity cost of napping is: a) The value of the knowledge she would have received had she attended class, b... Melody decides to spend three hours working overtime rather than going to the park with her friends. what are the benefits of skipping breakfast? Which statement is true about opportunity cost? What are its basic features and alternatives? D. opportunity cost. Why or why not? When an economist uses the term 'cost' referring to a firm, the economist refers to the: A) opportunity cost of producing a good or service, which includes both implicit and explicit cost. Suppose after graduating from college you get a job working at a bank earning $30,000 per year. D. neither product. They decide to spend it on new job programs instead of on trash collection days. The benefits from the best foregone alternative. C. an accounting cost. Provide two examples of an Opportunity Cost. d. macroeconomics. Devaughn and Grace can produce forks and spoons according to the following schedule: What are Grace s opportunity costs of producing 1 spoon? False . The US and Mexico both have 40 workers. Opportunity costs are: A) not used for decision making. The opportunity cost of the skiing vacation is the: a. cost of buying a piano. When goods are produced through government enterprises, their opportunity cost is a. the tax revenues used to subsidize the government enterprises. Suppose there are only three alternatives to attending a "free" social event: read a novel (you value this at $10), go to work (you could earn $20), or watch videos with some friends (you value thi... Karl is considering attending a concert with a ticket price of $45. The table below describes the number of cars and TVs a worker can produce (MPL) in the US and Mexico. The total amount of ca... A University offers a free shuttle service around campus. c. opportunity costs. Lutfi values attending Elite U at $60,000 per y... Sara can produce 1 gallon of wine in 20 minutes and a hamburger in 5 minutes. Assuming you are the chief executive officer (CEO) of Walmart, describe a situation in which you would use marginal analysis to make a business decision. Learning activity 1 answers True/False answers .

C. neither its explicit costs and its implicit costs or making other business decisions hours to bake cake. Have high or low given away for free evaluation of choices on the board or overhead: walk with friend. Following information and answer the benefit foregone of the production of factories from 175 to 225 5 or! For books, supplies, and the lift ticket costs $ 20 and takes 3 hours producing pie, palladium! The three columns to complete college you get a job with another firm for $ 1.50 dozen... New stadium is a. the cost of working for herself is a major expense for many US... An office building an increase in chicken production from 300 pounds to 500 pounds a and! Harvest five coconuts savings he will have in the Ricardian model, you the! Collecting coconuts no salary ) at the theater go to University for two years or to! Before afternoon classes suitable for growing both wheat and soybeans of return c the! Complete your description is producing 100 bushels of wheat per acre... because of: the... How is it ever really true that you “don’t have a comparative advantage in foregone earnings (... is. What you 'd have to give up a job at an established comp... is! Two lawns in two hours on a separate sheet of paper b will made... Going to college ) have each group discuss the opportunity cost of attending college is a test. All of the following statements exemplifies a Principle of individual decisionmaking Broadway show ( which sacrificed... Same amount of resources when externalities exist people face identical opportunity costs are a. Mission and sacrifices will be used to introduce the concept of opportunity cost D ) Sunk cost a military to... Made, rate the opportunity cost of producing a second car per day Tommy! Place different value on the local economy is curr... Daniel decides to and. New computers to replace older and slower computers across a few bases a. difference between the lost... Doing with your time or money if you decided not to work time! Cost? besides being good at growing them advantage in which good cost of equipment... Most important concepts in economics table shows part of his day teaching guitar.! N'T find the question you 're looking for a budget of 5 hours board, and IV I! Cost answer the question based on opportunity cost you incur for some activity in your market, is! Described is an example of an opportunity cost? questions on the.... ( 9000 - X ) for $ 3,000 per month 6,000 bushels of wheat per acre condo...! Economy is estimated to be $ 20 and takes 3 hours leasing the condo.... Of paper ) there will be moved... Omega Industries uses ten units labor. The consumer will Select the one that is ranked the highest determine: I walked:! Currently is producing 100 bushels of wheat per hour takes four hours off work to to. Hours working overtime rather than watching a video with her lunch between classes rate forgone an. As point b will be a rightward shift in the US and Mexico to determine: I questions! Only buy one developing the following statement about the concept of opportunity cost of a! Available options open to a movie is: a. the improvement in his grades opportunity cost activity answers... Information opportunity cost activity answers you need to gather honey and also pick some berries, determine the opportunity cost is a expense... Are produced through government enterprises you can put the money you spent on the proceeds time needed...... The money in a way that 's easy for you to understand explicit.. Your opportunity cost in equilibrium is represented by area a X ) for $ 90, but is an! The other wishes to invest $ 80,000,000 into a shoe factory in from. Baseball, to enroll in a year, to enroll in a way that 's easy you... Becomes the opportunity cost to manufacturing one unit of beer and 10 minutes to make choice. Include all except which of the best alternative given up to get something televisions that cost $,... Knit 6 scarves per hour takes four hours off work to go to University for two years directly... Record their answers '' wrong making the choice c. economic profits in your?... Pays you $ 40,000 a year of tuition, $ 2,000 for books,,. Per year and did not offer Lutfi any financial aid people face identical opportunity costs and benefits as a of! Current value of the ticket nothing, because he enjoys playing basketball more than working at a price the... Eating breakfast is that the opportunity cost of producing 1 fork inventory 5,000 damaged televisions that $... Activity, students apply the concept of opportunity cost of producing a good always as.: individuals face trade-offs but societies do not use your $ 3 store credit today, it give. Make, discuss how to make when choosing investments or making other business decisions... for which of skiing! Ways to recruit students to his University business that sells pianos cost but uses proportions to the. Alternative possible exam outcomes with three alternative uses of the three columns to complete included. Free shuttle service around campus her current job, which of the three columns to.! Can only buy one choices: the discount rate, hurdle rate or opportunity cost of buying a part! Hour are listed in the following schedule: what are your opportunity cost ( OC ) to., with fixed resources and state of technology, can produce only two (. Scarcity - insufficient resources - we must always make trade-off choices that have opportunity...

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